Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Get Dropbox Now

Remember Dropbox?

They just had their live presentation in the Techcrunch 50, a conference that is looking for the best ideas and startups around the web.

Unfortunately for them their presentation didn't go all that well - they had some Wi-Fi troubles that messed his concentration, and things got a little "out-of-control." And when you're competing with other great concepts and ideas, this is a killer. :(

I still can't understand why he failed to mention the revision control, which gives you access to any version of any file you modify in your dropbox! That's probably the feature with the most "wow" factor. It's a shame it went unnoticed.
(They should have played their demo video instead...)

Well, here's the new stuff:
Dropbox is now live and available for everyone! No need to hunt down invites from friends! Just go there and sign up for your free account.

Linux support is also up and running!

And if you feel 2Gb is not enough, you can now get up to 50Gb for $10/month or $100/year.

For the first 500 users that went to were entitled to a free premium account - which were used up in about 1 minute. :)

Don't forget to check the demo video if you haven't done so before:

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