Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Google Chrome About: pages

You've probably tried typing "about:config" on Google Chrome (even if by mistake) and found it to do... nothing special. But... are you aware there are a lot of other "about:" pages you can type on Google's Browser?

Check these out (they're pretty much self explanatory)
  1. about:version 
  2. about:plugins
  3. about:cache
  4. about:memory 
  5. about:stats 
  6. about:histograms
  7. about:dns 
  8. about:network.
  9. about:crash - crash the active tab.
  10. about:hang - hangs the process (this means that the process no longer accepts any signal, but it's still running). The other tabs will continue to work and the active tab can be closed.
  11. about:internets - this is an Easter egg - and it only works if you have the file sspipes.scr in C:\Windows\System32.

via [googlesystem]

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