Wednesday, September 17, 2008

iPhone 2.1 - Second Impressions

My first impressions regarding Apple's latest firmware update to the iPhone (2.1) were quite positive... but:

After a couple of days, it seems that there are still some annoying bugs need fixing - soon!

Although my iPhone has yet to have had a fatal crash requiring a reboot since the update, Apple's own Safari has regularly been crashing and prompting me back to iPhone's main menu.
(I have just cleared its cache, to see if that was to blame...)

Unrelated to that, I have also suffered one instance of "phantom" keyboard keystrokes. As I was typing as usual, the cursor started deleting my message as if someone was pressing the backspace key - clearing about 10 or 20 characters. I had never experienced anything like that with the previous firmwares in the last couple of months.

And at last (at least for now) App Store updates are completely messed up! (check update at the end of the post)
In the previous firmware update, the "update all" button was gone - forcing us to manually go through each app requiring updating, and doing it one by one - but now it's even worse: i get no update button on the iPhone!
I mean, the updates show up as usual, but once I click to get to its details, I just get a tab with the previous version with a grayed out button saying "installed"! No way to update it directly from the iPhone.

What do they expect? For me to use iTunes every time I want to update an App?

What will come next?
Maybe next firmware update will remove the App Store altogether...

Thank God Android is coming...

It seems like the update issue was unfounded. After some emailing the App developer, he explained they had been doing some editing of its descriptions and that the App store would take several hours to propagate those changes. So, today when I tried it again everything was as normal as usual - as he said it would be.

Safari keeps crashing though, even after clearing its cache... :/

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