Friday, May 22, 2009

Google Chrome reaches 2.0

After about 8 months, Google Chrome finally gets its largest update ever.

In this new version you'll be able to notice some improvements, such as:
  • you can now remove athumbnail from the start page
  • full-screen mode
  • form auto-fill
And, some less-visible but equally important ones:
  • improved stability (over 300 bugs were fixed)
  • increased speed

If you're already using Chrome, this update should be in your computer before you know it, using Google's somewhat stealthy update services. If not, just head to Chrome site and download it.

[updated with some benchmark results]
For reference, in this javascript benchmark test, to show you just how things currently are:
  • Firefox 3.0.10 - 240
  • Chrome 1.0 - 2400
  • Chrome 2.0 - 3200
    (higher is better)

And in a completely different category...
  • IE 6.0 - after warning there was a script slowing down the page... I had to abort the task after 5 minutes with an unresponsive browser window! :)


  1. primeira diferença que eu noto, os gifs animados estão muito mais fluidos e sem "breaks". Sou o unico a ver essa diferença?

  2. Mais, o uso do 3ºbotão do rato para scroll up/down (ao tempo que nao eu nao fazia isto). E uma janela a confirmar se queremos mesmo desligar o chrome porque tem ainda um download em curso, coisa que realmente fazia falta.

  3. i love google chrome and thanks for showing me what it can do


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