Friday, May 22, 2009

Google Crashing IE in Blogger?

Today, I have received some "complaints" that some of my blogs were causing errors in Internet Explorer.

The error shows up in different IE versions, from IE 6.0 to IE 8.0 and pops up an "Operation Aborted" error windows.

I googled around and found references to sitemeter (which I don't use) and problems with scripts accessing the body element in IE.

The problem is... I haven't changed anything in my blogs lately... so... I was wondering what could have been causing this.
I suspected it might have been one of the widgets I use, so I proceeded to remove those... but the problem was still there.
Even stranger, in some blogs - using the exact same widgets - everything worked fine... while in others, it didn't.

In Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera, everything worked fine as usual... this was just affecting IE.

In the end, after removing most of the external scripts and widgets, my attention turned to Google's own services: all that is left is Google Ads and Google Analytics (besides Google's own blogger plataform blogspot.)
A few minutes ago, a friend told me the Google object in javascript was indeed causing some errors.

Has anyone else faced the same problem lately?

Blogger team is looking into it.

[update #2]
It's seems the problem is caused by Google's Followers Widget - I've removed it until the problem is fixed.


  1. I'm not using the Followers Widget. What other plugin could it be. Something else from Google? Hope they sort this soon!

  2. They're definitely messing with it. Even after removing the widget I had some complaints a couple of times on different occasions - without ever changing anything... Weird. :/


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