Friday, October 23, 2009

EZTV is Down once again

We can't say EZTV web life has been easy.

This popular torrent site dedicated to TV shows has been through ups and downs and ups.

Unfortunately, it seems to be down again without any explanation.

It might be a simple technical problem - or - it can be one further action against any and every torrent site.

In EZTV's case, all content are just TV shows that can be freely recorded from TV - and then shared among friends; just like people did back in the Beta/VHS days. I still recall having friends shipping me TV shows recorded in VHS tapes from overseas so I could enjoy classic TV shows like - Knight Rider, V, Galactica, etc.

When will they understand the world has changed and we no longer can put up with "geographic restrictions" that keeps millions of users away from their favorite TV shows just because they live in the "wrong" region?

EZTV is providing a public service - TV producers would better take advantage of it instead of fighting it.

[Update: looks like it's a maintenance thing. EZTV will be back soon :]

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