Thursday, October 22, 2009

Windows 7 Launch Day

Microsoft's latest Windows 7 is finally out on the streets.

A lot has been said about this new Windows, rushed to market after Vista's inability to attract customers - which preferred to stay with their trusted old Windows XP.

Most people are talking about how great this Windows 7 is - but let's not forget the same thing happened with Vista.
But two things have changed since then... Hardware has evolved - while computers with 2GB Ram were not that common when Vista came out, today 3 and 4GB RAM is the norm - and Windows 7 really does seem lighter in older-spec machines (they say it will run as well as XP; which I seriously doubt, as though Windows 7 is a fine-tuned "Vista", it's still a "Vista" nonetheless.)

So, while many Vista-pre-installed-computer users quickly reformatted their computers and switched back to Windows XP, this will now be less likely to happen with Windows 7.

But the real question is: will Microsoft be able to "lure" enterprises to upgrade thousands of computers to Windows 7? Even with the virtualized "XP-mode" to minimize migration problems, most might feel better served with their current systems - or, faced with the inevitability of changing, shouldn't they consider other free alternatives (like Ubuntu) as well?

And fear not the ominous warnings from Microsoft that "XP" will end soon... While they do that in "public", they're also reassuring OEM parterns they'll keep selling them Windows XP until... 2016!

Also keep in mind that the "lightness" of this Windows 7 is relative. For instance, a clean install of any of its versions easily takes about 10-13GB of disk space:

Around here Windows 7 costs:

  • Windows 7 Home Premium - 219,99€
  • Windows 7 Professional - 349,99€
  • Windows 7 Ultimate - 364,99€

Now... you can forget about the record braking pre-order stunt (that was for severely discounted offers of Windows 7) and tell me: would you prefer spending 219-364 euros in a new OS -or- using it in something like this Asus Eee PC S101 that is currently on sale for 249 euros? :)

To each his own decision...

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