Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hard disk and Ram Disk Benchmarks

I finally got to benchmark the hard drives in my new PC. (I should have done it, but things keep popping up delaying my "plans.")

Well, here it is now, the disk benchmarks with HDTune.

Both 500GB Seagate disks behave approximately, averaging about 100MB/s transfer rates:

The other 1TB Seagate doesn't stray away from it too much.

Now, I still haven't decide if I go back to using a Raid 0 setup and double the transfer rates; or if I delay it a bit more and then go for a SSD drive... (decisions, decisions...)

Whatever the case, nothing will come close to my 4GB Ram drive:

 3.8GB/s transfer rate and 0ms access time! Now that's how all storage devices should be! :)

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