Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Google Buzz

The buzz of the day is... Google Buzz.

It's no secret Google has been trying its luck in the social networking arena. But acquiring sites like Orkut, and doing "experimental" stuff like Google Wave hasn't really convinced nor attracted its worldwide users.

Google Buzz might have a better shot at it though, as it will be available right inside your Gmail, as well as on mobile devices, with geolocation services, etc.

What is this Google Buzz after all?
It's Google's anser to Twitter and Facebook, so it doesn't fall behind in an unrecoverable way.
If you've ever used Google Reader you'll find this new service to be quite familiar - for everyone else, it's an easier way to share stuff with friends, colleagues, family, or the entire world.

Check the following videos to know what this buzz is all about:

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