Friday, March 5, 2010

Image Reconstruction

Looks like those incredible image enhancements we see on TV are becoming increasingly real.
What if someone told you it was possible to reconstruct an image from a noisy or incomplete source?
No matter how impossible it sounded, someone applied some advanced math to it and... the results were amazing.

Be filling the empty spaces using the known pixel as reference, they were able to get crystal clear images out of incomplete MRI scans. And the same applies to most other kinds of images and even sounds!

And this is not all: how about compressing an image by deliberately throwing away the needless pixels that can be rebuilt using this algorithm? As you can imagine, the possibilities are endless!


  1. No actual results were posted in the article. No real sample images. How how do you know the results were "amazing"?

  2. Guess we have to take their word for it:
    "Candès expected the phantom on his screen to get slightly cleaner. But then suddenly he saw it sharply defined and perfect in every detail — rendered, as though by magic, from the incomplete data."

  3. You can get "sharply defined" with this too:

  4. Indeed, it's a great algortihm, although HQX is specifically targeting line drawings and wouldn't fare that well with photograph-like pictures.


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