Monday, June 13, 2011

Blogger gets Custom Favicons

It took them a while (a very long while, just like so many other "simple" features lots of Bloggers users have been waiting for, year after year), but at last we can now choose custom favicons to use in Blogger.

The favicon is the small icon that shows up next to your blog name/url in a browser, and it's quite useful to  make your website stand out from the rest in the middle of dozens of open tabs. Until now, if you wanted to change your blog favicon, you had to mess around with the HTML in the template - not a very user friendly affair.

Now, it's a lot simpler and can be done by anyone in their blogs design/layout section.

(All I need now is a nice logo for Internet Best Secrets... as the one I have in my portuguese tech blog: Aberto até de Madrugada. :)

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