Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Nevada Approves Driverless Cars

It might look like science fiction, but the day driverless cars will roam our streets is closer than ever. In fact, it isn't science fiction at all, Google's driverless cars have made thousands of miles autonomously, next to everyday regular traffic, paving the way of what's to come.

In the USA, the State of Nevada wants to allow driverless cars and is pushing forward the new tests and regulations required to do so in a safe certified way.

As a driver that every day has to face hot-headed driver's transgressions that put others in danger, I welcome the day where every vehicle will be driven by a cool-headed CPU immune to stress. In fact, with autonomous vehicles, mathematical precise routes and driving will make traffic flow in a much more efficient way, making traffic jams a thing of the past. Driving will become obsolete has a way of transport, and be relegated to leisure and sport activities, that will be done in safe and controlled environments - putting no other "drivers" at risk.

Sure, I can imagine the first ever autonomous car accident will make the news - not to mention the outcry should ever a mortal accident occur. But let's face it... just like millions of people trust their lives in automatic guidance systems everyday, in high-speed trains and airplanes, it's only logical we should do the same in the most accident prone automobiles and its drivers...

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