Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Battery Amplifier App Scam in the App Store

Sure, snake oil is being sold over the ages since immemorial times; but the last place I would expect to see it would be in Apple's own App Store, as it happens with a range of Apps popping up promising to amplify your iPhone battery!

I would expect any iPhone owner would have a couple of neurons working, and at least be intelligent enough to look for information regarding how batteries work... or simply have a bit of plain common sense.

In this App feature list we find things as:

  • 100% automated Charging.Plug and go! - Oh really, don't you tell!
  • Supports high res Retina display! - Wow! Amazing!
  • Channeling charge in background on your device! - Mindboggling!
  • Charges while device is closed/locked! - Surely, something worth patenting!
  • Varios themes available! - Scamming with style!
  • Multiple tips how to conserve your battery power! - At least something that could possible be worthwhile... but it's too little too late.

If one of the closed App Store benefits is to protect iPhone owners from "bad" Apps, how can Apple allow for such a blatant scam to keep going on in the App Store? 

Considering this is a paid app, and was in the "top" lists... I immediately started wondering... should I create a WiFi extender App, that promisses to extend your iPhone WiFi range by 25% - and even more (via In App purchases, of course)?

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