Friday, February 17, 2012

Glassmap - a Better Find My Friends

If you're using iOS5 on your iPhone, you've certainly tried Apple’s own friend geolocation App Find My Friends service. But, you might have been put off using it more regularly because some of your friends have Androids, and you have to jump back and forth between Find My Friends and Google Latitude.

Well, now thanks to Glassmap, you might solve all your problems with a single App. It's available for both iOS and Android, and it adds some of the features you wished you had in either Find My Friends and Latitude, like messaging, "wave" at nearby friends, which will make it a lot easier when you're trying to arrange a meeting somewhere and need to keep track of your friends (or remind someone that forgot about it at the last minute).

It also adds more privacy settings on a per user basis; and last but not least, it promisses to have a very clever battery management system. According to them, typical real-time location apps drain about 5 percent of battery life per hour, but thanks to their "improved" system, Glassmap impact on battery life is negligible using just 0.5 percent of battery life per hour.

[via gigaom]

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