Thursday, February 16, 2012

Handwriting Recognition on Kindle Touch

Handwriting recognition isn't new. It's being done for over a decade in mobile devices like the old "pocket PCs" of yesteryear's. But, some might be surprised to see it show up in an eBook reader like Amazon's Kindle Touch.

But that's precisely what Puzzazz has done with its latest Sudoku puzzle eBook, allowing you to scribble directly on the puzzle itself.

It's something that is so logical that makes us wonder why hasn't anybody done it before - but... someone has to be the first anyway. I just imagine that it won't take long before others take the hint and start using the same trick in their own "eBook apps". (And not only on the Kindle, but other mobile platforms as well - I really wonder why there's still so few apps that do this kind of thing on the iPhone, for instance. Particulary for single number/letter input, there's lot of places where this kind of input could be more efficient than popping up the standard touch keyboard.)

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