Saturday, February 18, 2012

More iOS devices sold in 2011 than Macs in 28 Years

We all know that the mobile segment is growing like crazy, and it's already putting the "desktop computer" balance at risk. But it's kind of hard to really grasp what this all means... Maybe there's a better way to see how much the iPhone and the iPad really are changing things...

Something like noticing that Apple sold more iOS devices in a single year (2011) than all the Macs sold over 28 years!

If that isn't enough to make stop and think for a second, I don't know what will. And equally impressive is seeing that the iPad is growing at an even faster rate than the iPhone did in its first years. Looks like there's no stopping the "tablet" revolution that Bill Gates once predicted and hoped for... just that it's now happening over a decade later, and coming from a company that he probably wouldn't expect at that time.

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