Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Asus Padfone comes to Europe

Wanting to enjoy the transformable options of the Asus range of smartphone/tablet products? It seems that Asus is finally on the brink of bringing its new Padfone to Europe, as well as the as new Transformer Pad 300 and the Transformer Infinity.

The most intriguing and curious one is undoubtedly the Padfone, which takes the "transforming" concept one step further than the Transformers, by allowing you to open up the tablet to reveal its real brain: a smartphone.

The Padfone is expected to arrive in late May, and - unfortunately - it will cost 700€... plus 150€ extra for the keyboard dock. (Guess it won't be a big hit with these prices.) An LTE version should arrive later this year, by September.

More interesting,  the Transformer Pad Infinity (which will have a FullHD screen, in response to the latest Retina display iPad), which should be available on June 10th, and will cost 600€ for the 64GB WiFi version. If you do want it to "transform" into a netbook sort of tablet, you'll need to pay up the extra 150€ for the keyboard dock.

Last but not least, the "cheaper" Transformer Pad 300, which will only be available with 32GB (and the current "low-def" display) and will cost 400€ or 500€ (WiFi or WiFi+3G version).

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