Monday, April 16, 2012

Galaxy S 3 Unveiled on May 3rd?

There's been a lot of buzz surrounding the upcoming flagship model of the popular Samsung  Android smarphone range: the Galaxy S 3.

After a few unproven rumors, it finally seem that this is it, and that Samsung is preparing its presentation next May 3rd under the not-so-subtle guise of: Come and meet the Next Galaxy.

If this proves to be true, we're a little more than two weeks away from getting to know its reference device and find out which (if any) surprises it holds.

Samsung has received some flak lately, due to failing to provide timely upadates to its devices, as well as "forgetting" it's original Galaxy S - which won't be receiving the latest Android 4.0 ICS. But no matter what, the Galaxy S smartphones are still highly regarded as one of the most desirable Android smartphones out there... and he're hoping Samsung has put a lot of effort into making its 3rd evolution even more desirable than the previous models.

Besides the "more-than-certain" quad-core CPU, 4G/LTE, and HD screen... what are you expecting the new Galaxy S to have?

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