Sunday, April 15, 2012

Justin Bieber's Chromed Fisker Karma

If anyone would have asked, Justin Bieber would definitely be the last person I would ever talk about here on the Internet Best Secrets. But proving that nothing is impossible, here he is, thanks to its unusual automotive choice. As if it wasn't enough to choose an electric Fisker Karma to show off its "eco-status", Bieber went all the way - bypassing all the expected "exotic" colors celebrities often choose for their cars - and having an entirely chromed Fisker Karma.

A car that apparently is in violation of California laws, not because of its glaring chrome job, but because of its surrounding "fuschia" lights - in California you can only have white or amber lights facing forward.

... More worrying: will this be the first of a long list of celebrities going "chrome"? (No doubt Google could certainly put this to food use to promote its Chrome browser! ;)

[ via TMZ]

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