Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hot to Enable Click to Play on Chrome Browser

Thanks to web standards like HTML5, more and more web site are leaving Flash behind (and many other types of content that previously could only be achieved via browser plugins.)

This means that, for the most part, you can now live in a plugin-free web world. So, why would you want to wast time and space keeping those plugins active, when plugins like Flash are often abused and used in annoying and irritating ads and popups?

For years, people have been relying on 3rd party browser extensions to block ads and plugin content (with AdBlock and FlashBlock being two of the most common). But now, you don't even need a browser extension if you're using Chrome (and Firefox too, soon).

Chrome has a nifty option called Plug-ins Click to Play, that you can activate by:

This way, when you visit a page with Flash Content, instead of loading automatically, it will show up just a dummy and inactive placeholder - which you can... as expected...  "click to play".

For the most part, it will require just a single extra mouse click to access the content you want; but on the other side, it will ensure your browser won't be wasting resources on unneeded plugin content that has no added value to you. 

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