Friday, April 13, 2012

ScanStik and PrintStick - Pocket Sized Scanner and Printer

If you do your best to achieve a paperless office, but can't avoid dealing with paper documents, here are two small gadgets that will allow you to take your office with your wherever you go.

This ScanStik might look like a slightly enlarged pen... But in reality, it's a full-fledged scanner capable of scanning an entire page in one go in under 4 seconds, and with a quality of up to 600 dpi.

And, because you never know if you'll have to scan a single page or thousands, the ScanStik even has a microSD slot, so you can expand its capacity and store thousands of scanned pages without requiring a PC nearby to offload its documents.

To do that, you need only connect it to any PC via a USB cable, and manage - or even perform OCR - with the included ABBYY FineReader SE and PaperPort OCR software.

When the time comes to do the exact opposite, you can rely on the PrintStik.

This tiny printer uses a self-contained paper cartridge with 20 pages, that allows you to print wherever you may be. You don't even have to worry about toner or ink cartridges, as it uses a high quality thermal printing system.

... When I look at these devices I can't avoid remembering those old "Mission Impossible" TV series episodes, where often we would see similar gadgets doing this sort of thing - but at the time being pure science fiction! It took them a while... but it's now real and within reach of anyone wanting to take a scanner and printer anywhere they go.

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