Thursday, April 12, 2012

How to Use All Screen Space in the New Google+

If you're an avid Google+ user, you've probably noticed the new and improved Google+ that was deployed yesterday. A new design that makes it better... but that also has an annoying "feature" that seems to have been forgotten by the design team: when you use it in a high resolution wide screen monitor, you get a lot of unused space:

Unless you like having half of your screen unused, there is clearly something that Google needs to fix soon. Until then however, you don't have to suffer any more - at least if you're using Chrome. Thanks to this GExtend extension, that makes a slight alteration to Google+ CSS settings, you can have your Google+ using up the entire width of your screen.

1 comment:

  1. There are many quite amusing jokes about the whitespace on Google plus tagged #usesforwhitespace.

    However, Google announced that they are adding new features that will take occupy the position where the whitespace currently is. The designers of the extension you linked mentioned this:
    "Optimizes G+ for big screens
    This is a temporary fix for the recently updated Google+ Design. This extension will modify the loaded CSS to scale the content' according to the width of your screen. It will become obsolete as soon as the Google+ Team releases new content to fill the whitespace."


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