Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What would you Say to 1 Million Listeners?

Just the other day I came across a discussion about the effect of having a growing number of followers, listeners, readers, viewers, on the internet. Would you write the same thing whether you have 100 readers or 10,000? Would you tweet the same stuff for 10,000 or 1 million?

In my modest scale, I too feel the same effect, as the number of readers on my blogs keeps growing, and I find myself reaching over 10,000 people every day on each post. A volume that whether I do it consciously or not, does impact on the way I write as well as the things I write about. A process that I think is just part of the natural evolution of a site.

And that's why I find this The List Serve project so interesting, as it aims to provide a mailing list with 1 million readers, to whom each and everyone will be entitled to send a daily email about anything you wish (the email will be randomly selected - and is pre-screened to prevent spam or inappropriate content).

So... what would you have to say to 1 million people willing to read your words?

[via betabeat]

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