Monday, April 2, 2012

Paper for iPad

A few days ago I've shown you how you could turn your iPad into a futuristic notebook that might very well change the way students (and everyone else) used paper notebooks. Today, we make things even simpler, by turning your iPad into a simple piece of paper.

This App is aptly named Paper (couldn't be simpler), and it lets go of most interface items. Curiously, some of its developers were also involved with Courier - which serves to show just how much people are working on tablet Apps and full of interesting ideas.

On this free App you get just a simple fountain pen and eraser. But you can get extra tools via in-app purchaes (and you can even preview each and every one of them before you buy it)
  • Write (pen)
  • Sketch (pencil)
  • Outline (marker)
  • Color (watercolor)

The thickness of the trace varies according to the speed of your movement, and there's also a nifty "undo" function that works by placing two fingers on the iPad screen and doing a counter clockwise motion.

Paper for the iPad from FiftyThree on Vimeo.

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