Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The True Cost of an iPhone

Have you ever tried to imagine the sheer scale of building and assembling products "by the millions"? When you head up to your nearest Apple Store and pick up an iPhone, do you wonder of everything that makes that simples "pick up and pay" process possible?

It's something that I sometimes wonder about, and that this interactive infographics regarding the true cost of the iPhone tries to make more present - as there's a lot of steps involved that we often don't know (or in some cases, don't even want to know.)

Every component inside your iPhone had to be manufactured and/or assembled, each had to be made, from raw materials like iron, silica, etc. Every iPhone comes with cables that also had to be made somewhere, and neatly packed in a little box and put away for shipping. All this times millions and millions...

I can't even picture how 10000 iPhones would look side by side, let alone 10 millions!

Sure, this isn't an iPhone specific concern, as it happens with any mass-produced consumer device made at similar scales. But... it would be nice not to make a blind eye about how all this is made possible.

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