Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How to Fix Forza 4 Marketplace Error

If you're an avid racing fan and have an Xbox 360, then you'll know Forza 4 inside and out by now. This amazing racing game puts you behind the wheel of cars of all makes and models, from cheap every day cars to the most exclusive and unaforddable ones.

Even better, every month a new expansion pack comes out, offering even more cars (if you have a season pass, you can get most of them for free).
Usually, the process is quite simple: as you enter the game you'll receive a message that there's new content available, you head up to the Forza Marketplace, select it... and it's done.

However, sometime you might get the following message instead:

MARKETPLACE ERROR Failed to download required marketplace data

And no matter how hard you try, you can't get past it and gain access to the new packs.
Considering the new April Alpinestar pack is out today, some of you might be getting severely frustrated if you face this error.

Well, it seems there is an easy fix, provided by Turn10 studios themselves:
  • Delete season pass -> go to HDD -> games and applications > Forza 4 -> delete season pass
  • Delete season pass -> go to HDD > clear cache
  • Start up the game and re-download the season pass. You should be promoted to download it again automatically
  • If not then access the marketplace section of the game and download it manually
  • Once that has downloaded it should start the content download automatically
Hope that helps!

[Update: thought that was the end of it, but with the May Top Gear Pack the problem is back... and now it doesn't work even with this technique!]


  1. any update on how to get rid of marketplace error as i've got a season pass just sitting there :(

  2. Didn't help I just dont have the season pass


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