Thursday, May 3, 2012

Forza 4 Marketplace Error Continues

I thought I had seen the last of the dreaded Forza 4 Marketplace Error plaguing some us players, and that makes it very frustrating to get the new downloadable content packs - something that is even more annoying considering you've paid for it upfront with the Season Pass.

But, with the new May Top Gear pack that came out this month (and that allows you to drive a Smart and Ford Transit - among other vehicles)... I once again face this annoying (or should I say: inadmissable) error once again.

The previous method that fixed the issue last month doesn't seem to work now.

This time, the error is slightly different (although I still get the marketplace error as before). This time, the pack shows up to download, but it stated its price as "-1" microsoft points. When I try to buy it, it says "Not Enough Point" and that my current balance of 1000 points is not enough, and that I require a balance of 4294967295 MS points!

I sincerely hope that the Forza 4 team is working on a way to fix this once and for all, because - of all things - I moved from the PC gaming to the consoles exactly because I was fed up with bugs and annoyances... But I now find out that apparently, the same annoyances have followed me to my Xbox 360 as well. :(


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Brett, I moved along to Forza 5, but sadly i still receive similar errors quite regularly. It's disappointing. :(

  2. Process has changed since the conversion OFF of using Microsoft points on Xbox Live account profile. Long time Forza enthusiast and have downloaded car packs before. The entire car pack cars would just drop into my garage. Not the same anymore rather you get the marketplace error or not. I was on chat with Xbox 360 support... you now have to buy the car pack to get the "rights" for the cars. Then in Forza 4 game you acquire EACH car individually via in game careers credits or with car tokens purchased with real money from your Xbox Live profile.


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