Thursday, May 3, 2012

3D HD Video Capture with Kinect

Just the other day I showed you a "holographic" table using Kinect which could present a 3D corrected perspective no matter where its user was. Today, we keep showcasing how you can put the Kinect to good use in video production, adding a 3D layer to your 2D video.

Thanks to the RGB+D toolkit you can calibrate a video camera+Kinect setup (in this case, they're using a DSLR camera to capture HD video), which allows you to later overlap your 2D video over the 3D surfaces captured by the Kinect.

The results are quite interesting, and are only limited by the fact that you need a power supply to keep the Kinect running... which kind of makes it harder to capture more creative/radical video action.

[via the verge]

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