Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pixel Qi Promises "Better than iPad" Screens

The transflectiv Pixel Qi screens have long since promised to revolutionize the mobile industry. But so far they've been late to market, and its screens lacking in terms of view angles and such. However, no one can deny that its low power promise, as well as its sunlit screen readability still leave us wanting such a screen to be possible.

But, the mobile market is always evolving, and we now have screens like the amazing 2048x1536 LCD of the new Apple iPad. A reference LCD that has impressed all... but that Pixel Qi claims it can outshine!

Pixel Qi says that for its next generation screens: "We have a new architecture that matches the resolution of the ipad3 screen, and its full image quality including matching or exceeding contrast, color saturation, the viewing angle and so forth with massive power savings."

Bold claims indeed, considering they haven't been able to impress anyone as much as we once expected. But, considering just how important such a screen could have - should they be able to deliver - my guess is that we better hope they succeed!

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