Thursday, April 26, 2012

Reclaim your 25GB SkyDrive Space

If the free 5GB space offered by Google Drive isn't enough, you might want to try out Microsoft's own SkyDrive.  For starters, it offers 7GB of free space, which you can expand even further by adding 20, 50 or even 100 extra gigabytes.

But the trick is that, for existing users, you can upgrade your SkyDrive space from 7 to 25GB without spending a cent. All you have to do is jump SkyDrive storage management webpage and click the free upgrade button to reclaim the extra space.

If you happen to had over 4GB uploaded already, the 25Gb update is applied automatically.
"Under the old system, users had 25 GB of non-synced SkyDrive cloud storage, and 5 GB of synced Mesh storage. Now, there's just a single 7 GB of synced storage. However, any users that signed up for SkyDrive before April 22, and who have uploaded at least one file to the service, are eligible for a free upgrade to 25 GB. Existing users with at least 4 GB uploaded will pick up the 25 GB update automatically."

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