Wednesday, May 30, 2012

iPhone 5 Parts Reveal Upcoming Changes?

It's no secret that Apple keeps its upcoming devices under tight wraps and away from public knowledge. But that's just serves to make it even more enticing to try and find out how they'll be. Now, these alleged iPhone 5 parts might serve as an indication of what's to come.

Although this kind if thing must be taken with a (very large) grain of salt, one might have a glimpse of certain things that will be used (or at least may be under consideration by Apple) for the next generation of the iPhone.

The back cover now has a large metallic piece, that is supposed to be part of a new antenna system - and that might also provide some tiny (but valuable) extra space for the internal components/battery, by being thinner than a glass cover.

There's also a tiny orifice between the LED flash and the camera lens, which might indicate a repositioned second "noise-reduction" microphone, that could also be used to improve sound capture during video recordings.

But there are more drastic changes: with a smaller dock connector and speaker and microphone grills, Apple has now decided to put the headphone jack at the bottom of the iPhone instead of on top.
(As I don't regularly use headphones, I can't really say if I'd prefer it one way or the other... How about you?)

And, although that back cover might prompt us to think of a symmetric front design - with the much touted "borderless design" screen, it doesn't seem to be the case. The screen indeed seems to be the stretched 4" screen we're hearing about... but it seems to keep the same lateral borders as the current model.

We also get the same physical home button, while on top the FaceTime camera now gets a center position.

Once again, it seems we have reached the end of the "revolutionary" innovations, and we're about to face a simpler "evolutionary" new iPhone, with small changes that try to improve it just slightly further (and there's nothing wrong about it.)

This also means, that from now on... most "revolutionary" changes will actually be up to the software side of the question. Apple already did it with Siri on the iPhone 4S, and even Samsung used the same approach with its new Galaxy S3 - filled with software features that will try to attract buyers over the competing "plain" Android devices.

In that matter, there's a lot Apple can/needs to do with the iOS 6 and iCloud. There are lots of thing that need urgent improving: what to say of iClouds Photo Stream, that doesn't even allow us to see our photos on the web?
And what about connecting your iPhone to a PC via USB to transfer your latest photos and videos, just to face a bunch of cryptic named folders, forcing us to play a "guessing game" in order to find which holds the desired photos?

So... let's hope all this - and much more - gets sorted out with the upcoming iOS 6, and turns it into a rejuvenated mobile OS that can keep making users happy for the coming years.

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