Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Prieto 3D Battery Promises More Power and Faster Charging

No matter how you look at it, batteries are the big "Achilles heel" of modern mobile devices. While smartphones evolved from "dumb phones" to quad-core power houses that can rival desktop computers from just a few years back, batteries have largely remained just as they've been for the past decades. Other than the transition from the old NiCd to the more recent LiIon batteries... what has really changed?

Sure, we regularly hear news about miraculous batteries that promise instant charging and longer battery life... but, while the news keep up showing... the batteries not so much.

So, let's hope this new Prieto battery can be more than just another news report that will soon be forgotten.

This battery uses a "interdigitated cathode and anode" 3D construction that allows it to have much higher power density than a regular LiIon battery. Better yet, it promises to have faster charging times and longer battery life as well. And as we can't forget to be environment conscious, it contains no toxic waste materials.

Let's hope that they can indeed deliver.

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