Thursday, May 31, 2012

Track Individual App Data Usage on the iPhone

Late last year I told you about how I used My Data Manager to help track down some abnormal data usage on my iPhone that made me go over the limit of my monthly 3G data plan. But now, this App has become even better thanks to a recent update and that allows us to do something most would think to only be possible on a jailbroken iPhone: to track the data usage of individual Apps!

You're reading it right, with the latest My Data Manager you can see which App (or service) is using up your 3G, WiFi, or Roaming data.!

This way, you no longer have to go through tiresome and lengthy "trial-and-error" procedures, uninstalling and reinstalling apps to see which might be causing excessive data usage; and you can also quickly find out which Apps/services might be using up 3G data even if you're using a WiFi network (yes, it happens).

The only drawback is that, if you choose to run this App in the detailed mode, you might notice your battery life to suffer accordingly (as it uses the geo-location services to keep running in the background). But, as you can easily change back and forth between the detailed and coarse mode... you can adjust it at will depending on your needs.

Ane best of all... did I mention that My Data Manager is free?

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