Friday, June 1, 2012

"Keep an Eye" App Keeps an Eye on your PC in Real-Time

Today, let me tell you about a nice little App developed by a Portuguese start-up that is sure to become every student's best friend. Keep an Eye is a small but ingenious App that allows you to - surprise - keep an eye on your computer whenever you have move away for a while.

The system works by sending instant alerts to your iPhone (soon, to Androids as well), and the ingenious part is that it doesn't require you to install anything on your computer. You just need to visit the to start monitoring your PC.  The system detects if your mouse pointer was moved, and even if your computer has been moved (in case it has accelerometers) or if the connection is lost. Which should prompt you to immediately go check what's happening.

There are lots of situations where this can can prove useful: for students in libraries, that need to step away for a while to grab a new book; if you're in a study room and want to prevent your friends from posting embarrassing stuff on your Twitter or Facebook account when you go the WC for a while; or even at home, if you want to make sure your sisters/brothers/parents/sons don't touch your PC - and be alerted as soon as someone does.

It really is a simple and ingenious way to keep track of your computer... and might provide the "early warning" you need to prevent undesirable situations.

Be sure to give it a try

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