Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Google Chrome gets Webcam and Mic Access

The latest Google Chrome.is now available for download/update, and it brings the much awaited webcamm and microphone web support without the need for 3rd party plugins (like Flash). This allows any webpage to directly access your computer's webcam and microphone, after you give it your permission (you wouldn't want anyone to access it without your consent, would you?).

This is the first step into making WebRTC possible - meaning, high quality video and audio real time communication over the internet possible... without anything else but a common browser.

To try it out Google suggests several sites, like Webcam Toy and Sketchbots. This last one will take your picture and have a robot draw your sketch on sand - with live streaming video via YouTube.

Other than this, the new Chrome also has better support for gamepads, support for high-density screens like the new MacBook Pro Retina display, and better Cloud Print support.

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