Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Microsoft Launches

Microsoft is trying to get up to speed in the web email area, and now offers an improved and rejuvenated web email that stands on top of its famed email program name:

As you'd expect, this follows the new design guidelines of the metro and Windows 8 guidelines, and that's a good thing - for once, I could actually navigate around it and figure out how to use it without getting frustrated like on the previous hotmail/live interfaces. This new design also means there's little wasted space (and no big ads that makes us believe we're in a spam site), with the focus being on the email and the content that matters the most.
And if you remember how different it was to open the old web exchange site in another browser other than Internet Explorer, you'll like to know that does indeed work perfectly fine in any modern browser - it even has some nifty animations, like "flying" the sent mail out of the screen.

This can also integrate lots other services and accounts: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google and Skype (soon), making it a "one-stop-check-all" service to keep all your contacts in sync, as well as check all your friends updates and new photos.

All the incoming mails can be sorted automatically: from your contacts, mailing lists, social networks, etc. so you can easily manage it all with just a few clicks. And you also het the free Office Web Apps – Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote - to view/edit/create your documents and attachments (as well as the free SkyDrive cloud storage space).

Do give it a try, and don't forget to grab your email account before someone does it.
(If you already have an hotmail account - or msn, or live - you can simply update to this new service and keep all your contacts, email, filters, etc. In this case, you can also add an email address to your account if you want.)

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