Monday, July 9, 2012

LG Cinema Screen Computer Monitors

If couldn't stop staring at the new LG Cinema Screen TVs - the ones with barely noticeable frames (just 1mm thick) - and you wondered how such a screen would behave as a computer monitor... LG has news for you. The latest LG IPS7L brings the Cinema Screen design to your computer screen, and is sure to make some heads turn.

Luckily, it uses an IPS LCD panel, which means that no matter how much you turn and tilt your head, its colors will always be perfect - as one would expect looking at such a beautiful display.

You can get this LG IPS7L in 23 and 27" and it even comes with a Mobile HD Link (MHL) port in order to make it easier to connect to mobile devices.

All that is missing is the technical specs so we know what resolutions it has (FullHD at the very least, but one would hope to have the 27" version with a 2560x1600 panel)... as well as its price.

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