Tuesday, October 23, 2012

iPhone 5 Keyboard Glitch will be Fixed in iOS 6.0.1

Have you bought a new iPhone 5, but are going crazy with the weird glitches that sometime occur in its keyboard, with lines being "scratched" over the keyboard?

Well, you're not crazy, and now it seems that Apple has finally acknowledged the issue and promises a fix will come in iOS 6.0.1. At least that indicates that it's not an hardware issue (which would also be strange, as this happens just in some particular cases).

Most of the time these glitches occur when you're trying to install a new app on the App Store and the password request box pops up - causing those shimmering lines all over the keyboard.

Although it's nice to know that Apple has figured it out and promises the fix will come soon, I can't help but wonder how they didn't noticed it before launching the final iOS 6 version to the public? Surely they have tried installing apps on the iPhone 5, right?

Well... as with all other bug fixes: better late than never!

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