Thursday, February 14, 2013

FamilyFridge Family Manager

Ever wished you had those nifty smart home fridges that allow you to easily manage your home tasks? Well... you may not be able to have a truly smart home right now without spending a lot of money, but you do get the chance to have something very close, without spending a fortune (or maybe not even a single cent if you already have a tablet you can use). Check out this FamilyFridge.

FamilyFridge is a website that eases the task of family management. Being a web site and not an app means that you can easily access it from any and every device with a web browser, without the need to install software: your PC, smartphone, tablet... every device is suitable to use the FamilyFridge. Although the best part is if you can spare a tablet to place it in your fridge door or another central part of your home where everyone can easily use it. This might be the perfect use for an older tablet you no longer use, or you can get one of those new low-cost tablets for this purpose alone.

After registering for free on the FamilyFridge website and creating accounts for every family member, you can use it to schedule all the tasks (kids schools, doctor's appointments, etc.), create shopping lists, use it as a notebook, photo gallery, and even create gift lists.

It's quite easy to use it... and you can imagine just how much it can do to help you sort out everything that is going on - particularly in large families living under the same roof. Give it a try, and start living in "the future".

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