Friday, February 15, 2013

Save Water with WaterPebble

Trying to save some money (and the Planet)? Do you spend too much time in the shower every morning, wasting gallons of precious fresh water? Maybe what you need is just a gentle reminder, and if that's the case you're going to love this Water Pebble.

This small electronic pebble isn't hard to use. You just need to drop it on your shower cabin or bathtub floor, near the drain. The first time you use it it will learn your showering habits, and from then on the magic will begin to happen.

How can this small waterpeblle save water? Well, it has 3 colored LEDs that warn you when you reached halfway through your shower, and when you take too long and should stop. But the real trick is that, instead of simply keeping track of your time... it will gradually reduce the allotted shower time, prompting you to finish faster, and saving water in the process.

It's the ideal gadget for anyone that (like myself) like to just stand in the shower enjoying the running water... and losing track of time. Best of all, tt can be yours for just $10.

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