Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Gmail Mobile gets "Native" Look and Feel

Good news to web app fans in general and mobile Gmail users in particular. Google has decided to take its new design guidelines that have generated good feedback from the iOS apps, and is now pushing it even further to more and more platforms.

If the iOS Gmail apps became one of the best Gmail implementations in the mobile world (as well as Google+ and Google Maps apps), now it will be available to even more users, as Google revamped their Gmail mobile web version - as well as Gmail offline - both now having the same stylish and modern look.

You'd be hard pressed to notice any difference from the native iOS app and this mobile web app. But although this web version may not be of much use for those that have iOS and Android devices (and the Gmail native app), it will sure be extremely appreciated by all those that are using other mobile devices, like Blackberrys and Kindle Fires - and maybe even Windows Phones?

Be sure to give it a try, and see just how web apps can really be on par with native apps, at least for this sort of applications.

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