Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Ideal Price for Google's Glass

Google has been pushing forward on making the Google Digital Glasses a reality, showcasing it running demos and not forgetting all those wearing prescription glasses. But although this device may very well be the spark that ignites a new era in the way we use and interact with technology, that will only happen if it comes to market with an affordable price.

The price that is being thrown around at the moment is that Google's Glass will cost about $1,499. That would certainly be a realistic price point for a completely new device; but at this price range it certainly won't be able to "revolutionize" anything... as most people won't be able to afford.

I personally think that Google is holding a big surprise (price-wise) for it's official Glass announcement later this year. If you recall Steve Jobs presenting the iPad, you'll certainly remember when near the end the price was finally revealed... as being $999... just to be immediately shattered to half: the $499 that allowed the iPad to become the success it is today. Do you think things would be the same should it had really cost $999? I doubt that...

In the same way, looking at the extremely aggressive prices Google has been enforcing in their Nexus range of devices (the Nexus 4, 7, and 10), I believe that Google's Glass will come to market at an incredible and irresistible price that will make everyone want one... and be able to afford it!

If Google can sell a Nexus 4 for $299 and a Nexus 10 for $399... I would estimate the Glass could be on the market for $499, or maybe even less (considering that the lower the cost the more millions it would sell, making it cheaper to produce, and so on.)

The next form asks you what the ideal price of Glass would be for you, and how much would you be likely to buy it at different price points. Sorry the form is in Portuguese, but I also published it on my main (Portuguese) site, and I think you can still figure it out quite easily:

  • The prices are in Euros but you can assume it as if it were dollars (as the real conversion is usually 1$=1€ in real life prices).
  • The first part asks you how likely would you be inclined to buy the Glass at different price points (from the left to the right: would absolutely buy it; maybe would buy it; definitely would not buy it).
  • The second parts asks you what would be the realistic price point you think the Glass would cost (not necessarily the cheapest price we would all wish for).

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