Friday, May 24, 2013

Chrome 28 gains Richer System Notifications

The upcoming Chrome 28 will not only be the first Chrome using the new Blink engine - leaving behind the long time collaboration with WebKit - but will also mark the beginning of a new era for web apps and web services with richer notification capabilities that can popup even if you're not running Chrome.

These new notification will show up in a notification center on Windows and Chrome OS, allowing you quickly scan through what happened even when you've been away from the computer, and just like the notifications on Android, you can initiate actions immediately (like answering an email) from there. Being on a separate notification center also means they'll keep showing even if you have no open Chrome window.

Similarities with Android notifications don't stop there, as you can also get exactly the same kind of notifications: like image previews, or collapsible and aggregating notifications that combine multiple notifications into a single item.

Of course, you'll be able to select which notifications to receive and their priority, so your life doesn't end up being ruled by the popping up of notifications all the time. If can't wait to try this out, you can get it right now, using Chrome Beta.

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