Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Microsoft buys Nokia Devices & Services

No one can say they didn't saw it coming: Microsoft is buying Nokia devices and services units, as well as licensing their patents for the next 10 years (though Nokia will still be free to license them to others).

It's a move that many will say it has been planned since the first moment Stephen Elop set foot on Nokia, becoming what some claim to be the worst CEO of all times (a long read, but a good one, when you have the time) and bringing down a company that up until then was "too big too fail". We'll have to see how thing move on from here on and how the other MS partners will react, considering that although Nokia already had a preferential treatment by Microsoft, now it becomes part of the family. Will Samsung, Asus, Acer and other still feel the same way about investing in Windows Phones and Windows RT?

Now Elop returns to Microsoft and is already being considered as a candidate for CEO. Might it turn out that Elop will end up going from "baddest CEO ever" to the one that will be able to pull MS back into top shape? Or will he just do the same thing he did at Nokia, and bring down Microsoft in just a few year's time?

It sure will be interesting to see...

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