Monday, September 2, 2013

Playing Starcraft is good for your brain

Next time someone tells you to stop wasting time playing videogames, tell them they don't know what they're talking about. Videogames are often used as an escape goat whenever some crazy person goes in a shooting spree (like those troubled people wouldn't do it just the same even if they had no computer at all) - but people fail o realize there are lots of good stuff about games: and I'm not talking just about spending a good time.

A study has shown that playing complex scenarios of Starcraft 2 - particularly levels that involve things happening offscreen  - can boost cognitive flexibility. Meaning, your brain gets better at dealing with constantly changing circumstances.

Just keep in mind that not all games are bound to have the same results. A game that requires you to mindlessly tap on the screen to collect jewels or cabbages or whatever it may be, won't do much for you other than maybe improve you eye-hand coordination. :P

Maybe we're not too far off from a time where people will be required to play a quick gaming session when they get to work, just to "jump start" those neurons and get ready for the day ahead. :)

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