Monday, April 14, 2014

Google will sell Glass... only for a single day

Every geek in the world is still waiting to find out when Google will finally start selling their Google Glass'es to the general public. We're not there yet but Google is amping up the buzz around it, by putting it on sale... but just for a single day.

Until now, getting a Glass was very hard, and considering it's high cost of $1500, I imagine it won't change soon, but Google might be testing the waters to see how the world (well, the USA at least) reacts to this new device. Tomorrow (April 15th) Google will be selling Glass to anyone in the USA - though quantity will be limited.

It sure looks like a way to assess what kind of reception/interest Glass would have if it were launched globally; though some also say it's just a way to clear out the current model so they can focus on a new and improved version. To each their own opinion.

For me, Glass has everything to be a huge success... except its current price. At $1500, Glass will be a very expensive and limited gimmick out of reach for most people. Similar to what the original MacBook Air was. Once Apple dropped it's price on the second generation, things quickly changed. I hope Google can do something similar. Maybe we won't be getting Glass soon... but once its price get's to Nexus 5 levels ($349 or so)... I wouldn't be surprised to start seeing pop up everywhere.

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