Tuesday, April 15, 2014

MEO Cloud now offering up to 32GB of free cloud space

If you love cloud storage/syncing services, you'll love MEO Cloud (ex-Cloud PT). This portuguese cloud service provided by the largest telecom company in the country, soon to be one of the top 20 in the world, has some unique features power users will love, but it's main attraction will be the space it offers for free and its speed.

News users immediately get 16GB of free cloud space, which they can access via dedicated apps or via web browser. But you can double that space to 32GB by inviting friends. Each friend you invite will get you an extra 512MB, up to a maximum of 16GB that will add up to your original 16GB. And better yetm they'll too receive their extra 512MB.

For that you need only share your own referral link, like this one: MEO Cloud. (Yes, by using it you'll be giving me an extra 512MB as well as get your own 512MB, so thank you in advance. :)

Do give it a try and compare it with any other cloud storage space you might use, as they claim to be faster than everyone else (and in Portugal, they are - so I'm curious to know how things go when you're using it "away from home".) And keep in mind that MEO Cloud has some nice features, such as unlimited bandwidth (you can use it to share/distribute your podcasts without worrying about being too successful), upload via email, and even set up custom domains for your shared folders.

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