Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Facebook now lets you ask about relationship status

You might think leaving that relationship status blank in your Facebook profile would be a nice idea, but Facebook really wants to know... and is letting (should I say, suggesting?) your friends to pressure you into it. Now, Facebook lets you ask about the relationship status of your friends and colleagues.

This isn't particularly new, as Facebook has added a similar "ask" feature for other sections of your profile, like employer, phone number and other missing data. But relationship status was something that was left out... until now.

Sure, Facebook is a social network that thrives on user data... but if you intentionally left parts of your life out, should Facebook really be pressuring you into adding that info, and doing it in a slightly disturbing way... letting your friends do the "asking" and acting as an innocent bystander? Well... no one is forcing you to answer, even if you begin receiving such questions every day... And if you grow tired of it, you can always make up a relationship status just to shut them up.

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