Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Fritzframe - versatile iPhone 5/5S case/support

Our smartphones are incredible pieces of engineering and more powerful that anyone could have imagined half a decade ago. But they still lack very basic capabilities... for self support. Sure, you can do whatever you want as long as you're holding it - but try taking a self-photo from a distance longer than your arm, or simply placing it on a table so that you can read it at a comfortable angle... Suddenly, they don't look so powerful anymore.

This fritzframe wants to change all that, and it combines a slick iPhone case with a ingenious integrated swivel/rotatable stand that allows you to hold your iPhone 5/5S in a number of different configurations: from standing at an angle on a table, to using it as a handheld grip for steadier videos, or even hanging your iPhone. It really looks amazing - although it will add and extra inch or so to your device length.

The only drawback is that for now it is only availble for the iPhone 5/5S. Considering the delivery date for the fritzframe is June (not considering the usual unexpected delays from a crowdfunded project), and that we'll probably have new - physical incompatible - iPhones in the following months; people considering upgrading their iPhones will be better off waiting for the new devices to come out before investing in this sort of device. The $71 price tag is also a bit steep... but that depends on how much you value being able to use your iPhone "hands-free".


  1. Thank you for writing about our fritzframe™. Just to update you- We just got the green light to develop the fritzframe™ for the iPhone 6 AND our manufacturer let us know today that the fritzframes are on their way to our offices.


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