Saturday, September 20, 2014

The truth about "Ancient Aliens"

I have to confess something: I do watch the Ancient Aliens TV series, and like to read about those matters and "entertain" some of the ideas they propose. But I think it will be useful to let everyone know that they should treat it just like any other fantasy/science fiction show, and not take it too seriously.

The Ancient Aliens "theory" proposes that we've been visited by alien beings in the long forgotten past, that helped shape our future. If you watch some of their first programs you might be tempted to think "hmmm... they might have point there..." (on later seasons, as material ran out, they started making even more absurd claims that might have embarrassed even their fans). Anyway, just to tell you that even those so called "good points" aren't actually that good - and they mostly just stand because they deliberately omit parts of the data (or simply claim that something is true without ever proving it.)
[the Tolima "jet fighters" - that they claim represent planes]

Fortunately, finding the other side of the question is just a click away: on Ancient Aliens Debunked. This site does an amazing job at using logic and hard evidence to disprove Ancient Aliens theories, one buy one - and shows that most of the time all it takes is a little more data that has been left out of the program.

[oops, that jet fighter looks suspiciously like a local fish]

Yes, they debunk Ancient Aliens' entire show (with an ultra long video), but you can also jump to some of the most popular cases, like the Pyramids, Easter Island, UFOs in ancient art, etc. (I find all this fascinating, but if you want to see just one, head for the pyramids, as it also presents a really logical theory on how egyptians built it. :)

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